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A Social Strategy was built to give anyone the ability to generate a following across all of the major social media channels. At its core, it is a suggestive tool that reminds you when to post, and then suggests the best content to share and hashtags to use based on your industry and interests. By combining the optimal posting times, trending topics, the correct hashtags, an easy way to post and some automated tools, we have made it easier than ever to engage and grow your audience.

What we are

  • A suggestive tool that help you find Popular Content
  • A platform that remind you when and where to post.
  • A medium to post to all of your networks at once.

What we aren't

  • A business tool (Business pages coming soon, though!).
  • A scheduling tool (We don't schedule posts for later).
  • An automation tool. (We help you find and post, but you do the work).

Calendars provides a calendar of recommendations, telling you where and when to post. This calendar can be accessed in two locations, described below.


Once you're logged into, you'll see an icon near your profile picture that is a Bell (you may recognize it as an Alarm icon).

Clicking this will bring up a side panel. In this side panel, there is a Calendar tab. This tab will show you today and/or tomorrow's posting schedule.

On Your Device/Computer

While on your profile page, you will see a tab for your Calendar. On that page, your Calendar URL will be presented to you. It will look something like this: []. It may be a Link, which you can right click and Copy Link Address (tap-and-hold, for Smartphones). Do this before proceeding here.

iOS Smartphones

If you use Google Calendar, follow directions of "Google Calendar (web)", which will sync down to your phone. Otherwise, follow these image guides to go through your phone's Settings and add your Calendar:

  1. Open Settings, Choose Calendar View Image
  2. Click Accounts View Image
  3. Add Account View Image
  4. Choose Google View Image
  5. Type your Calendar URL into the "Server" field. View Image

Android Smartphones

Follow directions of "Google Calendar (web)", which will sync to your Android Phone.

iOS Desktops

Download your Calendar and Open the file.

Windows Smartphones & PC

Download your Calendar and Open the file.

On Google Calendar (web)

Users who use Google Calendar / Google Calendar web users

  1. Copy this link: Calendar Link (Right Click or Tap-And-Hold, Copy Link)
  2. Navigate to Google Calendar (web)
  3. At the bottom left, next to "Other Calendars", click the Arrow icon. Choose 'Add by URL'
  4. Paste in the Calendar URL from Step 1, above.
  5. (Android: Calendar will sync to your phone.)

Integrate Your Apple Calendar

Integrate Your Google Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I ask questions?
A: To ask us questions you can send a message to our facebook page or tweet @ASocialStrat.

Q: Will you be adding new interests, industries or subcategories?
A: We have just over 100 interests or industries but if you're looking for more we would love to hear from you, so let us know how this service could benefit you and your industry. Please direct any questions to our Twitter account @ASocialStrat

Q: Can you schedule posts in advance?
A: Currently we do not offer any sort of scheduling for your posts as it's important to stay in the conversation as to what is happening right now. Scheduling posts too far in advance would compromise this objective.

We have plans in the future to allow scheduled posts up to 6 hours ahead of time, this way if you know you will not be available during a rush hour time frame, you won't miss your post but we never plan on allowing you to schedule days or weeks ahead of time. It defeats the purpose.

Q: Can I use the system to post personal content? I don't only want to post about business and interests.
A: Not only can you post personal content, you should post personal content. You can use our system to post everything from your family photos to your blog posts by using the "create a post button" instead of using research topics. As always, consistency is key, and making sure you are keeping up with the posts is very important. You may not notice a result with just 3 days of posting. This is not a "grow your following by 10000 in a day system"

Q: I clicked "recommend hashtags" and it returned no results. What can I do?
A: On some sites, we can not recommend hashtags as the site will not allow our system to crawl it. This happens on very few sites, so you can try another or add hashtags on your own.

FAQ Continued...

Q: How are you different than HootSuite/Buffer/Vistaprint?
A: We intentionally designed our program to be different. First, when we hook into your calendar or notifications, we're sending you notifications about when it's rush hour on social media (based on tracking data).

Second, the articles we're suggesting are the recently top shared articles related to your interest, so they are much more likely to both get picked up in a news feed and interacted with by friends.

Third, when you're ready to share an article, there is a button that says "Recommend Hashtags" which goes out, reads the article, and suggests the best hashtags based on the content in the article to make sure the post gets the most traction.

When you combine these 3 core differences you start to see that A Social Strategy is a very powerful tool in its own right. When it comes down to it, it's all about posting the best content at the right time, as opposed to another scheduling app. All that being said, we plan on continuing to improve our system over time, so one platform over the other becomes a very easy choice.

Q: How do you weed out fake content on social media?
A: Our news articles are pulled from known and reputable sources but that doesn't mean a fake story can't make its way in from time to time. Ultimately, weeding out fake content is up to you. We do our best but we can not control what is being published and then shared on social media. Typically, you can tell a fake news story from a real one, by reading the article and simply asking yourself "does this seem right?"

Q: Can I post on my Facebook Business page instead of my personal page?
A: We take a different stance when it comes to social media. We believe that personal connections are important -- especially on Facebook where personal posts will outrank business posts (unless you pay to boost the post). We'll be adding business pages in our next release though, to make sure you have the opportunity to post on both your personal and business pages if you want too.

Q: Can I cancel at anytime or am I locked into a contract?
A: You are free to cancel anytime. You will remain an active user until the end of your current billing cycle, and then lose access to the system at that time. To cancel, simply log into your profile, click the billing tab, and click cancel account.

Creating and Research a Post

Create Your Own Post

Research a Post

Getting Started

Signing Up & Logging In

Your Calendar is constantly updating. Some devices and Operating Systems are tricky to add a Calendar via URL, which is needed to make sure it syncs and stays up to date. Here, we'll walk you through adding your Calendar URL to your device.

To sign up for an account or login, click "Account" at the top right of the page, and choose one of your social media profiles. Please note: if you first login with your Twitter account, we will also ask you to add your email address. Once you've created an account you will be asked to enter your payment information and sign up. Now that your account is active, it's time to sync all of your other social media accounts which can be accessed in your profile and account page.

Linking Your Social Media Accounts

Create Your Own Post

Your Account

Your profile and account page holds in tabs, from left to right, your current social media profile information, your synced social accounts, and your previous invoices and billing information. To sync additional social media accounts, click on the the social tab (pictured below), and click on any social media account that you have no added yet. Once you verify your new account, we will link your accounts together so they will all remain available the next time you login.

Setting Up Your Interests

Research a Post